The Principal Speech


It is a privilege and pride for me to join Al-Wataniya school.It is well known for its generosity, its great legacy, and a history of achievements, which is the light that shines on promising generations that vigorously build the future of  Kuwait.

Al-Wataniya school was the first regular Arab private school in Kuwait. It has been graciously sponsored by its distinguished owners; the Marafie family, one of the oldest noble families, known for their national, heritage and intellectual contributions since the inception of Kuwait.

Al-Wataniya Private School has been and still a great tributary of science and knowledge of our precious Kuwait, its students have a pioneering and unique educational style, the administrative and educational staff includes unrivalled elites in performance and efficiency.

I hope that my students in Al-Wataniya School achieve their goals and objectives in success and excellence to raise the status of their country in various aspects of life.

God bless.

Mr. Saad Marafie
High School Principal 

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